23 April



The Lady Emblem bottles symbolise the Montblanc diamond, which is an exclusive star shaped stone with 43 facets that holds the emblem of the Montblanc House at heart. They are precious both in shape in and in the details.

LADY EMBLEM – The Lady Emblem woman perfectly embodies the alter ego of the Emblem man expressing an irresistible attraction. Jewels with a strong history, are the most treasured ones, rare and precious like a diamond, full of strength and clarity. Lady Emblem is a symbol of light and brilliance. The bottle, a diamond shape, is adorned with no fewer than a heavy and highly qualitative glass cap which gives exclusivity and a luxury feeling. The bottle wears a pink gold collar worn as a crown. A lustrous diamond bottle of dreams. A mystifying rose sake is the focal point. The sake note, which was invented by two perfumers, has the fresh, crystalline zing of the finest rice spirit. The Japanese call this “Nihonshu”. This floral, woody, musk fragrance is a great introduction to the ladies range for Montblanc fragrances.

The second fragrance launched – Lady Emblem Elixir: this woman has style, elegance and is radiant – complex with a hint of mystery. The fragrance works magic on the skin. A jewel of a bottle is revealed. Lady Emblem Elixir’s bottle is partially covered with a precious gold pink metallization, expressing a world of luxury and sophistication. It’s her fragrance that best tells her story. This is a floral, woody, oriental fragrance.

The latest arrival in Montblanc’s story is Lady Emblem L’Eau – She is independent, self-confident and magnetic. She is graceful, delicate, has style and elegance. Her innate sense of style shines through in every move she makes. She is unique, like the Montblanc diamond. The pastel green juice of Montblanc Lady Emblem L’Eau was inspired by a summer garden, “an allegory of a poetic walk in the summertime through a garden of citrus trees and fresh roses,” confides Sonia Constant, who created the fragrance. A floral, fruity fragrance – This exquisite, meandering olfactory stroll begins with fruity accents: mandarin leaf, and the aquatic-sweet notes of white peach and exotic lychee. In the middle notes, a voluptuous bouquet of roses, the ever-present scent guiding the success story of Lady Emblem, enhances the aerial florality of magnolia. Sonia Constant essentially captured the green, fresher aspect of the rose to emphasize the lightness of the composition. Precious musks, elegant blonde cedar, and creamy benzoin form the base notes. It is a story of sparkling water, a lyrical floral-aquatic, for a woman as delicate as she is strong.

Available at selected Truworths stores
Montblanc Lady Emblem R752- R1206
Montblanc Lady Emblem Elixir R752 – R1307
Montblanc Lady Emblem L’eau R752-R1206

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