07 November

Chatting to Sellah #trulysummer

Behind the Scenes, Menswear

If you haven’t seen the latest introduction to our #trulysummer campaign then view it here. It’ a sun-kissed beachy affair shot on location and in celebration of the bluest water, sandy beaches and hot summer nights.

We managed to pin down the gorgeous model Sellah (pictured on the right) while shooting our campaign to find out what his thoughts are on the beach bliss that summer has to offer.


1. Are you a boardies, trunks or briefs kinda guy?
I am definitely more a briefs kind of guy!

2. What’s your favourite beach activity?
Anything sports related, but there has to be some shade nearby.

3. Sunrise or sunsets on the beach?
I am starting to fall more in love with sunsets.

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