02 February

Q & A with Elaine & Travis

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Q & A with Elaine & Travis – a real life model couple from our latest Valentine’s Day lookbook.

1. How did you guys meet?

T: We met at work through a mutual friend/roommate. I lived and worked with the guy in Florida before moving to China, and Elaine lived and worked with him in NY.
When he decided to move to Texas to live with his girlfriend, he passed me along to his bosses as his replacement and I got the job.
We were recruiting to staff retail stores and we basically had to spend nine hours a day with each other walking around NY.
E: I met Travis at work 5 days after he moved back from China. I hated Travis at first lol.
But then we realized we had all common interests and the same belief system.
We started holding hands, got married six months later, and have been together ever since!
That was about 5 years ago now.

2. Describe the perfect romantic date.

We are both pretty casual. I would say ordering in all of our favourite takeout and cuddling while watching movies.
Or going to one of our 5 favourite restaurants in NY and then going home to snuggle.
If you ever head to NY check out Ruby’s in Soho (Bronte Burger only), Gyu Kaku, Saigon Market on university, Harlem Bbq or Artichoke pizza on 17th!

3. What would you wear on a Valentine’s date?

Dressy casual. If at home sweatpants!

4. What is the best Valentine’s gift?

Chocolate! We are both obsessed with chocolate!

5. Do pick-up lines work? What is the best one you’ve used/heard?

Maybe if they are funny!
“Is your name faith because you’re the substance of things I’ve hoped for!”

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What others are saying

  1. Angelo Nhlanhla 3 February at 2:50 pm #

    Wow! Keep it that way guys, till death…

  2. Sophy and Mohau 7 February at 7:48 pm #

    Sophy and Mohau

    Wow so sweet guys
    1.S i meet him at the club it was december tym i ddnt know i wil fall inlove with him cos i was not used to boys around my community/village.
    M i meet her at the club he was dancing like no body’business
    her movement was so cahrming she was that lady with shiney eyes,black skin colour ,killer smile.

    2.26december yooh i came to him den ooh my god such a romantic man playing 2gether funy games of love.

    3.Formal and the clour must be red and white ,if at home wow a short nyt dress for him under wear only.

    4.Altramel and tennis biscut we both like them.
    5.”i cnt sleep with you wearing your pant in my bed”