28 November

Chilled hair “how-to”


Let’s keep the focus on chilling as we gently roll in to the holiday season and let’s start with hair styles that are as relaxed as you are.

When it comes to hanging out at home and taking it easy, it’s not just about wearing something super comfy, it’s also about letting your hair down, literally. This summer’s hottest hairstyles are all about bobs, bangs and shaggy layers, and if chilling by the pool is on your to-do list, loose knots and loops are your best friends. Oh, and don’t forget those braids. This season it’s also about mixing up the styles, so feel free to go wild! Here’s a look at some chilled out styles that are great for a lazy day on the couch, and popping out to the corner store.

What’s up, bob?

The ‘90s are back in a big way this summer, bringing bobs and lobs with it. In fact, these cuts are so versatile they never really went away, with updates every season keeping them fresh. Bobs are great if you’ve got short, straight hair, and lobs for those with longer hair. The important thing to remember this season is to keep the edges blunt instead of choppy.



Bangs are the business

Long or short, shaggy or straight, baby or side-swept, bangs are still pretty much on trend this season. Bangs are also great for wearing your hair up or down, straight or messy, or whichever way you feel like when you’re lounging around the house.




Shaggy chic

One of the trademarks of the ‘90s was the rise of grunge, with flannel shirts, ripped jeans and messy mops taking over the streets of this awkward decade. Now the shaggy and messy look is making its comeback and is being incorporated in almost every hot style this summer, from bangs to braids, layers and knots. It’s arguably one of the easiest and most relaxed styles to create and wear, and the ultimate style for lazy summer days.




Lovely layers

Wavy beach hair is the staple summer holiday look, especially if you’ve got longer hair, and the layered look provides a great platform for this. Not all of us are blessed with long, thick locks though, but the beauty of layers is that they work for pretty much any thickness, and can even be incorporated in shorter styles. Ensure you keep the ends soft to give them added texture, lighter and easier to move.



Knots, loops, buns and braids

Let’s be honest, swimming isn’t always the best path to great looking hair, especially when it starts drying in the sun and that summer breeze gets hold of it. Thankfully the hair gods have created styles that won’t have you running for the mirror every time you dip your toe in the water. Braids, pony, loops and buns are great ways to keep your hair in check. Whether it’s a loose loop, French or Dutch braids or messy buns, the idea is to mix things up while keep it simple and stress free.





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