29 November

How to make an epic playlist #TrulyChillOut



Music playlists are crucial and it’s easier than ever to create a playlist that perfectly suits your particular mood. But before you dig in and start rummaging through millions of songs, slip into something comfortable, turn up the volume then follow these tips on how to create the most epic of playlists.

Don’t settle

When you’re looking for songs to add to your playlist, only add songs that you really love and that you know you won’t really get tired of. Finding the right music for a playlist takes time, and because of the amount of music you must sift through, you can easily find yourself settling for songs that are rad, but not great. If you’re not sure about a song, add it to the playlist, you can always remove it when you come across something better.

Go for theme, not genre

Pinning specific tracks to a genre is often very difficult, as many genres have a ton of sub-genres, and many artists these days cross over into many other genres. Besides, very few of us only like one single genre of music. With this in mind, rather focus on a theme or a mood for your playlist, like ‘chilled vibes’ or ‘evening dinner vibes’, or ‘gym’. This gives you the freedom to throw together a mix of different kinds of genres into one playlist.

Make it flow

Aside from the songs, the one key element that can make or break a great playlist is the order of the tracks. While it’s easy to just lob all the tracks in a playlist and hit ‘shuffle’, a truly epic playlist flows from one song into another. Group similar sounding or paced songs together to create a nice flow so it doesn’t sound jagged. Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t suddenly change the pace, but it should be planned, and not with every track.

Streaming inspiration

Technology has made it easier than ever not only to listen to tracks wherever we are, but also to discover new music and get inspiration. Streaming services like Spotify and Deezer have immense libraries of tracks, with some even featuring tunes by local artists. One of the main features of both these services are their playlists, whether they be curated by their staff or by other users. If you’re a bit stumped about what to add to your playlist, get some inspiration by listening to a couple of these.

The neverending edit

Back in the day of tapes and CDs (remember those?!), whatever songs you put on them stayed there forever. With everything becoming digital, however, you can update and edit your playlists to your heart’s content. Do this often and you’ll ensure your playlists stay fresh and epic!


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