31 December

Wardrobe resolutions


It’s almost the new year and everyone will want to know what your new year’s resolution is? If you don’t have one, how about attempting to organise and sort your wardrobe? If you have to search through cupboards full of things that you never wear in order to find the one item you do – we have some ideas for the new you.

We’re loving these simple tricks for organising and packing.

1. This is how your cupboard should look. Yes, you heard correctly! You should be able to place atleast a finger’s width in between each hanger on the railing and yes, that is only one item per hanger. One item ladies and gents!


2. We love this clever idea for easy storage of your scarves. Peg them neatly on display for easy access and you’ll discover items you haven’t worn in ages.


3.Winter coats can hang in the entrance hall but what about handbags? Add a coat hanger hook to the base of each coat hook and voila! Storage for your handbags sorted.


4. Wooden hangers are a must! Although not the most cost effective, wooden hangers are made to keep your clothes in perfect shape and lasting longer. The more affordable plastic versions tend to leave bumps in all the wrong places.


5.Gone are the days of searching through a messy tangle of accessories! Keep them neat and organised and always on show- as they should be.


6. Put your favourite items on display in an organised and eye-catching way.


*images courtesy of pinterest

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  1. selolo sharlotte 6 January at 10:11 am #

    Wooooow ………. wardrobe resolutions .This is so beautiful, organised and stylish.

  2. Duncan Sutherland 7 January at 9:20 pm #

    I loved working for Truworths in the late 80’s as a Divissional Manager when I was in my 20’s.

    Fantastic company.

    Wardrobe ideas have got to be a great idea as space and storage in today’s houses is tight. Anything that maximises space through multi garment hanging and the ideas that you’ve shown for awkward accessories should help the customer and hopefully aid further sales for the retailer.

    The question that I would pose is, are you manufacturing these “space maximisers” and retailing them beside your fashion and accessories?

    I think you’ve got something here!