01 November

Parisian affair

Street Style

Paris street style

Where do you go to sit and watch the effortlessly fashionable while sipping a cappuccino and eating a chocolate croissant? Paris of course! Stroll down the Champs-Elysees and walk along the Seine River before ending up in awe under the Eiffel tower. If your heels allow the steep walk, head up to Montmartre for a distant view over the city.

Take a closer look and spot the fashionable French who truly know how to layer the looks. We found these images from fashion week where solid macaroon-like colour and neutrals took to the stylish streets.

Images courtesy of: Fab Gab pinterest; parisapartment; Amel Taibi Pinterest; wordsandeggs; frenchbydesign; Imogen Caruso Pinterest
; jaxxvixx; 365 Attempts Pinterest; nordiskgammelt; imgfave; makingmagique; elle; fashionologie; passionpurple; lovetwenty; refinery29; Romi Sigal Pinterest; loveatart; photobucket; topit; mollyannah; instagr; weheartit

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