29 May

Raya Rossi on the Poorboy cap

Street Style, Womenswear

The Visual Journal is one to watch if you love fashion and style mixed in with a bit of country travel and exploration. While we love watching her style, she loves shopping in our stores, so we took a moment to summarise Raya’s month with us. She’s chosen some extra special pieces this month and the essential accessory you should be wearing this season. Raya goes in to more detail on our poorboy cap on her blog, but for now, let’s have a look at her style below. Raya has called it the “Holy Grail” of poorboy caps and had the following to say about it: “A black with gold chain trim and big buttons, just like the Chanel one all the supermodels rocked in the nineties, and it’s never leaving my head! ”

The velour trim jacket and poorboy cap are in store now. (Other items are Raya’s own)

Images courtesy Raya Rossi and TheVisualJournal.co.za

Posted In: Street Style, Womenswear

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