26 April


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Vernon Barnard Rustic Brown Loafer-120.2505.7.R650.00.YDE Grey Denims-7204.647 R 625.00.Truworths Man Brown Leather Jacket With Grey Hoodie-8084.406.R1,199.00. Truworths Man Grey Moskow Printed T-Shirt-7904.480.R230.00 Truworths Man Denim Grey Hoodie-7222.865.R550.00. Truworths Man

Vernon Barnard
Rustic Brown Loafer 120/2505 R 650.00 YDE
Grey Denims 7204/647 R 625.00 Truworths Man
Brown Pleather Jacket With Grey Hoodie 8084/406 R 1,199.00  Truworths Man
Grey Moskow Printed T-Shirt 7904/480 R 230.00 Truworths Man
Denim Grey Hoodie 7222/865 R550.00 Truworths Man

Austin Lurring Black Denim Jogger-8685.727.R699.00. Truworths Man Grey Printed Vest-272.2092.M.R280.00. YDE Grey Denim and Leather Sleeve Jacket-7301.829.R999.00. Truworths Man White Sneakers-5853.365.R625.00. Truworths

Austin Lurring
Black Denim Jogger 8685/727 R 699.00 Truworths Man
Grey Printed Vest 272/2092 R 280.00 YDE
Grey Denim and Pleather Sleeve Jacket 7301/829 R 999.00 Truworths Man
White Sneakers 5853/365 R625.00 Truworths

Blaque Harmony White and Black Manderin Shirt-5144.918.R 440.00.Truworths White Skinny Jeans-5134.883.R 499.00,Truworths Black and Beige Hawaiian Print-068.2178.M.R 440.00 YDE Black Washed Out Skiny-8959.393.R440.00. Identity White Beads-057.8824.R69.00.YDE Beige Beads-235.1750.A.R65.00.YDE Fringe Necklace-091.9089.A R 160.00.YDE Black Adidas Superstars-3943.829.R750.00. Truworths White Sneakers-5853.365.R625.00. Truworths

Blaque Harmony
White and Black Manderin Shirt 5144/918 R 440.00 Truworths
White Skinny Jeans 5134/883 R 499.00 Truworths
Black and Beige Hawaiian Print 068/2178 R 440.00 YDE
Black Washed Out Skinny 8959/393 R440.00 Identity
White Beads 057/8824 R 69.00 YDE
Beige Beads 235/1750 R 65.00 YDE
Fringe Necklace 091/9089 R 160.00 YDE
Black Adidas Superstars 3943/829 R 750.00 Truworths
White Sneakers 5853/365 R 625.00 Truworths

Jono Johansen Braces-298.2206.A R 140.00.YDE Black Chinos-7272.031 R499.00.Truworths Man Brown Lace Up Loafers-120.1130.10.R 599.00.YDE Brown Belt -5148.049.R110.00. Truworths Man

Jono Johansen
Braces 298/2206 R 140.00 YDE
Black Chinos 7272/031 R 499.00 Truworths Man
Brown Lace Up Loafers 120/1130 R 599.00 YDE
Brown Belt 5148/049 R 110.00 Truworths Man

Jeremy Olivier Blue and White T-Shirt-272.2061.M. R299.00.YDE Brown and Blue Sneakers.7443.446. Truworths

Jeremy Olivier
Blue and White T-Shirt 272/2061 R 299.00 YDE
Brown and Blue Sneakers 7443/446 Truworths

Francis Bowers Blue and Black Blazer-7109.811.R1,099.00. Truworths Man Black Shirt-3772.100. R 299.00.Truworths Man Silver Narrow Layered Necklace-285.8214.A R 160.00.YDE Black Laceup Loafers-120.1150.10.R450.00. YDE Black Skinny Jeans-7127.894.R499.00. Truworths Man Black Patten Leather Lace Up Shoes-9407.369.R550.00. Truworths

Francis Bowers
Blue and Black Blazer 7109/811 R 1,099.00 Truworths Man
Black Shirt 3772/100 R 299.00 Truworths Man
Silver Narrow Layered Necklace 285/8214 R 160.00 YDE
Black Lace-up Loafers 120/1150 R 450.00 YDE
Black Skinny Jeans 7127/894 R 499.00 Truworths Man
Black Lace Up Shoes 9407/369 R 550.00 Truworths

Prime Zulu Black Lace Up Boots-120.2502.11. R699.00.YDE Grey Open Knit Cardigan.290.2280.S R460.00.YDE Black Skinny Jeans-7127.894.R499.00. Truworths Man Black Belt-298.2378.M.R 470.00.YDE

Prime Zulu
Black Lace Up Boots 120/2502 R 699.00 YDE
Grey Open Knit Cardigan 290/2280 R 460.00 YDE
Black Skinny Jeans 7127/894 R 499.00 Truworths Man
Black Belt 298/2378 R 470.00 YDE

Johan Anker Blue Suit Jacket-7019.821.R1,099.00. Truworths Man White Manderin shirt-7264.768 R399.00.Truworths Man Blue Suit Pants-7269.822.R525.00.Truworths Man Brown Leather Belt-7357.854.R170.00. Truworths Man

Johan Anker
Blue Suit Jacket 7019/821 R 1,099.00 Truworths Man
White Manderin shirt 7264/768 R 399.00 Truworths Man
Blue Suit Pants 7269/822 R 525.00 Truworths Man
Brown  Belt 7357/854 R 170.00 Truworths Man

Mbijana Sibisi Black and White Pattern Blazer.290.2268.S. R 750.00.YDE Formal Black Pants-7020.838.R499.00. Truworths Man Black Linen Shirt-068.2097.S.R 440.00 YDE Black and Brown Sneakers-120.8311.6 R 550.00.YDE

Mbijana Sibisi
Black and White Pattern Blazer 290/2268 R 750.00 YDE
Formal Black Pants 7020/838 R 499.00 Truworths Man
Black Linen Shirt 068/2097 R 440.00 YDE
Black and Brown Sneakers 120/8311 R 550.00 YDE

Almur Marais Black military jacket-290,2214.L. R599.00.YDE Black Manderin-7103.662.R 399.00.Truworths Man Black Skinny Jeans-7127.894.R 499.00.Truworths Man Black Belt-298.2378.M R 470.00.YDE

Almur Marais
Black military jacket 290/2214 R 599.00 YDE
Black Manderin 7103/662 R 399.00 Truworths Man
Black Skinny Jeans 7127/894 R 499.00 Truworths Man
Black Belt 298/2378 R 470.00 YDE

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