03 May

The girls – live show 3

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The girls looked HOT on Sunday night’s show – check them out & the all the details below!

Zoe Modiga Red Lace Jumpsuit-197.2352.M.R650.00. YDE - MISS PORT Thigh High Boots-119.2191.7.R1,399.00.YDE - SEXY WITH ATTITUDE Black/Gold Belt Set-319.2384.M.R199.00 YDE - TESSA

Zoe Modiga
Red Lace Jumpsuit 197/2352 R 650.00 YDE – MISS PORT
Thigh High Boots 119/2191 R 1,399.00 YDE – SEXY WITH ATTITUDE
Black/Gold Belt Set 319/2384 R 199.00 YDE – TESSA

Thapelo Lekoane Green Lace Crop Top-026.2570.M.R 480.00YDE - X&O Gold Tribal Necklaces-6244.832.R 140.00.Truworths Chunky Gold Bracelet-322.2044.A R 180.00.YDE - RUBY Green feather Earrings-301.2030.A. R 65.00.YDE - AUG Green Stone Necklace-046.1863.A.R350.00. YDE - TESSA Green Sweetheart Dress-256.2312.L. R 725.00.YDE - KOUKLA Tan Strappy Heek-5036.218. R 575.00.Truworths

Thapelo Lekoane
Green Lace Crop Top 026/2570 R 480.00 YDE – X&O
Gold Tribal Necklaces 6244/832 R 140.00 Truworths
Chunky Gold Bracelet 322/2044 R 180.00 YDE – RUBY
Green feather Earrings 301/2030 R 65.00 YDE – AUG
Green Stone Necklace 046/1863 R 350.00 YDE – TESSA
Green Sweetheart Dress 256/2312 R 725.00 YDE – KOUKLA
Tan Strappy Heel 5036/218 R 575.00 Truworths

Thembeka Mnguni Black Leggings-3178.230.Truworths Burgandy Skirt-4914.222-Truworths Velvet Black Kimono-016.2542.M.R550.00. YDE - MILLA Black Beaed Top-1831.890.R 399.00 Truworths Black Court Shoes-3691.576.R575.00. Truworths Black Lace Up Detail Bodysuit-8590.903. R 360.00.Truworths

Thembeka Mnguni
Black Leggings 3178/230Truworths
Burgundy Skirt 4914/222 Truworths
Black Court Shoes 3691/576 R 575.00 Truworths
Black Lace Up Detail Bodysuit 8590/903 R 360.00 Truworths

Xanilee Hammond Red Lace Gown-064.2359.M.R899.00. YDE - DESIGNED BY PHENOMENA Gold Horse Shoe Necklace-046.3907.A R 440.00.YDE - TESSA Black and Gold Chain Belt-046.2855.A. R 420.00.YDE - TESSA Cowboy Boots-294.2057.7.R799.00. YDE - SPOT ON Black and Gold Necklace-057.1743.A.R180.00. YDE - CHAMELEON

Xanilee Hammond
Red Lace Gown 064/2359 R 899.00 YDE – DESIGNED BY PHENOMENA
Gold Horse Shoe Necklace 046/3907 R 440.00 YDE – TESSA
Black and Gold Chain Belt 046/2855 R 420.00 YDE – TESSA
Cowboy Boots 294/2057 R 799.00 YDE – SPOT ON
Black and Gold Necklace 057/1743 R 180.00 YDE – CHAMELEON

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  1. Ntsekiseng 12 May at 12:23 pm #

    Thembeka Mnguni, all her outfit is from Truworths and she’s has a big neh! and a nice voice.

  2. Erica Harris 23 May at 3:25 pm #

    I’m looking for a black dress. It was a round neck short sleeved black sequin top with a long sheer bottom with a shorter lining. It was worn with a silver belt.
    Can you help?