03 May

The guys – live show 3

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The guys looking so HOT on Sunday night’s show! Check them out below.

Austin Lurring White Ripped Denims-3282.524.R 599.00.Truworths Man Navy Tuxedo Jacket-7109.376.R 1,199.00.Truworths Man White Long Line Shirt-7103.170.R 360.00.Truworths Man Navy High Top Sneakers-7601.972.R599.00 Truworths Man

Austin Lurring
White Ripped Denims 3282/524 R 599.00 Truworths Man
Navy Tuxedo Jacket 7109/376 R 1,199.00 Truworths Man
White Long Line Shirt 7103/170 R 360.00 Truworths Man
Navy High Top Sneakers 7601/972 R599.00 Truworths Man

Jono Johansen Green Chinos-300.2031.L. R 575.00.YDE - X&O Navy Assymetrical Knit-290.2282.L.R 460.00.YDE - RUALD RHEEDER Green Light Weight Knit.036.2359.M.R350.00YDE - X&O Brown Lace Up Boots-120.2500.9.R699.00. YDE - VAPORISE

Jono Johansen
Green Chinos 300/2031 R 575.00 YDE – X&O
Navy Assymetrical Knit 290/2282 R 460.00 YDE – RUALD RHEEDER
Green Light Weight Knit 036/2359 R 350.00 YDE – X&O
Brown Lace Up Boots 120/2500 R 699.00 YDE – VAPORISE

Jeremy Olivier Grey Winter Coat-7026.878.R 950.00.Truworths Man White Shirt-5144.325 R 420.00.Truworths Man Black Chinos-7020.851 R 550.00.Truworths Man Black All Stars-8428.243.R350.00. Truworths Man Black Belt-7358.992. R 270.00.Truworths Man

Jeremy Olivier
Grey Winter Coat 7026/878 R 950.00 Truworths Man
White Shirt 5144/325 R 420.00 Truworths Man
Black Chinos 7020/851 R 550.00 Truworths Man
Sneakers 8428/243 R 350.00 Truworths Man
Black Belt 7358/992 R 270.00 Truworths Man

Francis Bowers Black Blazer-7015.039 R 1,199.00.Truworths Man Brown Timberlands-4142.803.R699.00. Truworths Man Black Skinny Jeans-7127.894.R499.00. Truworths Man

Francis Bowers
Black Blazer 7015/039 R 1,199.00 Truworths Man
Brown boots 4142/803 R 699.00 Truworths Man
Black Skinny Jeans 7127/894 R 499.00 Truworths Man

Richard Stirton Brown Lace Up Boots-4142.208.R699.00. Truworths Man Grey Waterfall Jacket-255.2305.M.R975.00. YDE - BLAKE Grey Assymetrical T-Shirt036.2353.L. R280.00.YDE - X&O Black Ripped Denims-8959.393.R440.00. Identity

Richard Stirton
Brown Lace Up Boots 4142/208 R 699.00 Truworths Man
Grey Waterfall Jacket 255/2305 R 975.00 YDE – BLAKE
Grey Asymmetrical T-Shirt 036/2353 R 280.00 YDE – X&O
Black Ripped Denims 8959/393 R 440.00 Identity

Prime Zulu Africa Pendant-091.2042.A R250.00 YDE - RUBY Green Chinos-300.2031.L R575.00 YDE - X&O Brown Lace Up Boots-4142.866.R699.00. Truworths Man White Shirt -3589.701. R 299.00.Truworths Man

Prime Zulu
Africa Pendant 091/2042 R 250.00 YDE – RUBY
Green Chinos 300/2031 R 575.00 YDE – X&O
Brown Lace Up Boots 4142/866 R 699.00 Truworths Man
White Shirt 3589/701 R 299.00 Truworths Man 

Clemour Black Leather Jacket-5137.795.R1,099.00. Truworths Man White High Top Sneakers-5853.365. R 625.00.Truworths Man White Printed T-Shirt-6918.492.R180.00. Truworths

Black Pleather Jacket 5137/795 R 1,099.00 Truworths Man
White High Top Sneakers 5853/365 R 625.00 Truworths Man
White Printed T-Shirt 6918/492 R 180.00 Truworths

Almur Marais Beige Milatary Jacket-7259.594.R950.00. Truworths Man Beige Chinos-036.2303.M.R575.00. YDE - X&O Beige Light Weight Knit Jersey036.2343.M. R350.00 YDE - X&O

Almur Marais
Military Jacket 7259/594 R 950.00 Truworths Man
Beige Chinos 036/2303 R 575.00 YDE – X&O
Beige Knit Jersey 036/2343 R 350.00 YDE – X&O

Jono Grayson Brown Leather Jacket-7270.780.R899.00. Truworths Man Blue Denims-8953.607 R 599.00-Daniel Hechter White Shirt-4407.014.Truworths Man Brown Belt-5148.702. R 260.00.Truworths Man Brown Lace Up Boots-5129.690.R699.00. Truworths Man

Jono Grayson
Brown Pleather Jacket 7270/780 R 899.00 Truworths Man
Denims 8953/607 R 599.00 Daniel Hechter
White Shirt 4407/014 Truworths Man
Brown Belt 5148/702 R 260.00 Truworths Man
Brown Lace Up Boots 5129/690 R 699.00 Truworths Man

Gavin Edwards Black Washed Out Denims-8940.455. R 675.00.Truworths Man Maroon Plaid Shirt-036.2361.M.R525.00 YDE - X&O Army Green Hoodie-068.2039.L.R799.00. YDE - PORT Army Green Vague Vest-290.2335.M. R 299.00.YDE - RUALD RHEEDER Brown Lace Up Boots-4934.375.R699.00. Daniel Hechter

Gavin Edwards
Black Washed Out Denims 8940/455 R 675.00.Truworths Man
Maroon Plaid Shirt 036/2361 R 525.00 YDE – X&O
Army Green Vague Vest 290/2335 R 299.00 YDE – RUALD RHEEDER
Brown Lace Up Boots 4934/375 R699.00 Daniel Hechter

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  1. Maritta van der Wath 13 May at 9:55 am #

    Stunning clothes for stunning competitors! Well done Truworths! I’m a very loyal customer for many years at Truworths – my most favourite shop in the whole Tygervalley centre. I’m also a very loyal viewer to The Voice, never misses it on Sunday late afternoons!
    Truworths the best in the West!!!