10 May


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Austin Lurring Maroon Melange Caridgan-290.2314.S R 460.00.YDE - RUALD RHEEDER Black Cuffed Jeans-290.2342.S R 599.00.YDE - RUALD RHEEDER Maroon Printed Vest.290.2337.S.R299.00YDE - RUALD RHEEDER White Sneakers-5853.365.R625.00. Truworths

Austin Lurring
Maroon Melange Cardigan 290/2314 R 460.00 YDE – RUALD RHEEDER
Black Cuffed Jeans 290/2342 R 599.00 YDE – RUALD RHEEDER
Maroon Printed Vest 290.2337 R 299.00 YDE – RUALD RHEEDER
White Sneakers 5853/365 R 625.00 Truworths

Richard Stirton Maroon Blazer-036.2318.L R 1,099.00.YDE - X&O Black Ripped Denims-8959.393.R440.00. Identity Tan Lacceup Boots-4142.208.R699.00. Truworths Man Leaf Print Shirt-300.2028.M.R320.00. YDE - LUCKY LUKE

Richard Stirton
Maroon Blazer 036/2318 R 1,099.00 YDE – X&O
Black Ripped Denims 8959/393 R 440.00 Identity
Tan Lace-up Boots 4142/208 R 699.00 Truworths Man
Leaf Print Shirt 300/2028 R 320.00 YDE – LUCKY LUKE

Jono Grayson Green Suede Bomber-036.2365.M.R 899.00.YDE - X&O Black T-Shirt-300.2007.S.R290.00.YDE - LUCKY LUKE Black Skinny Jeans-7127.894.R499.00. Truworths Man Black Zip Up Chelsea Boot-9366.697.R675.00. Truworths Man

Jono Grayson
Green Suede Bomber 036/2365 R 899.00.YDE – X&O
Black T-Shirt 300/2007 R 290.00 YDE – LUCKY LUKE
Black Skinny Jeans 7127/894 R 499.00 Truworths Man
Black Zip Up Chelsea Boot 9366/697 R 675.00 Truworths Man

Vernon Barnard Blue and White Stripe Cardigan-300.2037.S R 550.00.YDE - LUCKY LUKE Brown Lace Up Boots-120.2504.7.R699.00.YDE - VAPORIZE White Long Line Shirt-7103.170.R 360.00.Truworths Man Maroon Chinos-8936.287.R525.00. Truworths

Vernon Barnard
Blue and White Stripe Cardigan 300/2037 R 550.00 YDE – LUCKY LUKE
Brown Lace Up Boots 120/2504 R 699.00 YDE – VAPORIZE
White Long Line Shirt 7103/170 R 360.00 Truworths Man
Maroon Chinos 8936/287 R525.00 Truworths Man

Jono Johansen White Chinos-272.2132.L.R 480.00.YDE - SCORPIO White Shirt 036.2701.L R 499.00.YDE - X&O White Blazer-068.2063.S.R 899.00YDE - PORT Grey and Beige Stripe Scarf.046.3900.A R 220.00.YDE - TESSA White Lightweight Knit036.2326.S.R 370.00.YDE - X&O Brown Lace Up Loafers-120.1130.10.R599.00. YDE - VAPORIZE

Jono Johansen
White Chinos 272/2132 R 480.00 YDE – SCORPIO
White Shirt 036/2701 R 499.00 YDE – X&O
White Blazer 068/2063 R 899.00 YDE – PORT
Grey and Beige Stripe Scarf 046/3900 R 220.00 YDE – TESSA
White Lightweight Knit 036/2326 R 370.00 YDE – X&O
Brown Lace Up Loafers 120/1130 R599.00 YDE – VAPORIZE

Francis Bowers Black Skinny Jeans-7127.894.R499.00 Truworths Man Black Shirt-3772.100 R 299.00.Truworths Man Brown Timberlands-4142.803.R699.00. Truworths Man

Francis Bowers
Black Skinny Jeans 7127/894 R499.00 Truworths Man
Black Shirt 3772/100 R 299.00 Truworths Man
Boots 4142/803 R699.00 Truworths Man

Gavin Edwards Maroon Blazer-036.2318.L.R1,099.00. YDE - X&O Green Chinos-300.2031.L.R575.00.YDE - LUCKY LUKE Beige Light Weight Knit Jersey.036.2343.M R350.00.YDE - X&O Brown Lace Up Boots-9423.824.R650.00. Truworths Man

Gavin Edwards
Maroon Blazer 036/2318 R1,099.00 YDE – X&O
Green Chinos 300/2031 R575.00 YDE – LUCKY LUKE
Beige Light Weight Knit Jersey 036/2343 R350.00 YDE – X&O
Brown Lace Up Boots 9423/824 R650.00 Truworths Man


Almur Marais
Brown Lace Up Boots 493/4375 Daniel Hechter
Navy Leather Jacket 068/2333 R 650.00 YDE – PORT
Navy Shirt 668/2337 R 399.00 YDE – PORT
Navy Chinos 194/1012 R 599.00 Truworths Man

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