03 November

Fashion Find Three

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We are browsing our very own website to find the must-have fashion finds and showing some inspirational ideas on how to wear them.

Item number three is the denim overall. Better known as “dungarees”, this version ends in the mini skirt. We love this casual cool-cat item and it gives your wardrobe a whole new treasure to play with.

Click on the image to view and shop the item on our website

Click on the image to view and shop the item on our website

How do you wear it? Keep it simple by adding a plain white tee and let the denim do the showing off. Choose flats or heels as both work.



Long sleeves look cool when combined with the mini skirt. Opt for a casual stripe to contrast the clean denim.


The denim overall works with your Bohemian spirit too. Wear with a delicate, cropped style to sneak a peak of skin on the sides. Finish off the look with the gladiator sandal.


*images courtesy of Pinterest

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