30 May

How to wear The worker boot

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You’ve seen Carla Delevingne rocking these and you’ve seen them all over our stores but still feel a bit doubtful on how to style the worker boot? Sometimes when you try them on with your jeans they just don’t seem to get that perfectly casual cool appeal and you find yourself shuffling your jean’s legs around to make them fit?

Don’t toss them aside just yet as we bring you some tips and tricks to get that look tied up perfectly. These boots are not going anywhere just yet.

1. Roll up your jeans to stop just above the boot.
You’ve tried shuffling your boyfriend jeans and manage to find the perfect spot but then when you walk around they seem to end up all bunched above the boot again? Rather keep it neat and tidy and roll your boyfriend jeans up slightly so that they end just above the boot. Cleaner lines look easy and you won’t be looking down at a bunched up mess from above.

2. Can’t roll your super skinnies up? That’s ok, wear them in but loosen the top of the boot slightly for a rugged and casual look. The extra space on top will allow your jeans to fit nicely inside the boot.

3. Wear them with tights and leggings. There’s no issue when you’re wearing a dress and adding your worker boots just updates your dress and gives it a whole new look, not to mention a comfy option on your feet.

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