26 April


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Lara Gear Black Cut Out Romper-248.2072.L. R 525.00.YDE Black Patten Leather Lace Up Shoes-9407.369.R550.00. Truworths Fur-046.3770.A. R 420.00.YDE Black Leather Jacket YDE

Lara Gear
Black Cut Out Romper 248/2072 R 525.00 YDE
Black Patent Pleather Lace Up Shoes 9407/369 R 550.00 Truworths
Fur 046.3770R 420.00 YDE
Black Pleather Jacket – YDE

Zoe Mtila Black Sequen Dress.089.2217.S. R 999.00.YDE Black and Gold Tassle Necklace.322.2109.A. R 180.00 YDE Flower Ring-285.2517.A.R140.00. YDE Pink Patten Heels-119.1394.5.R559.00. YDE

Zoe Mtila
Black Sequin Dress 089/2217 R 999.00 YDE
Black and Gold Tassel Necklace 322/2109 R 180.00 YDE
Flower Ring 285/2517 R 140.00 YDE
Pink Patent Heels 119/1394 R 559.00 YDE

Kim Collins Red Lace Gown-084.2507.M.R 899.00.YDE Gold Ripple Diamante Earrings-057.2408.A. R 199.00.YDE Gold Cuff-301.2006.A. R 220.00.YDE Gold Strappy Heels-119.2182.4.R699.00. YDE

Kim Collins
Red Lace Gown 084/2507 R 899.00 YDE
Gold Ripple Diamante Earrings 057/2408 R 199.00 YDE
Gold Cuff 301/2006 R 220.00 YDE
Gold Strappy Heels 119/2182 R 699.00 YDE

Sibulele Miti Black Pointed Heel-119.1393.4.R599.00. YDE Black Lace Bodysuit-231.2143.L. R 399.00.YDE Black Glitter Dress-163.2137.L.R725.00. YDE

Sibulele Miti
Black Pointed Heel 119/1393 R 599.00 YDE
Black Lace Bodysuit 231/2143 R 399.00 YDE
Black Glitter Dress 163/2137 R 725.00 YDE

Thapelo Lekoane Mustard Top-8115.908.R330.00. Truworths Green Afro-print Skirt-5642.572.R699.00. Truworths Blue metallic high top levis -8587.960.R699.00 Truworths Green and Gold Ring-6243.911.R110.00. Truworths Circle Dangle Earrings-5483.629.R85.00. Truworths 2 Brown String Bangles-057.8588.A. R 170.00.YDE

Thapelo Lekoane
Mustard Top 8115/908 R 330.00 Truworths
Green Afro-print Skirt 5642/572 R 699.00 Truworths
Blue metallic high top Levis 8587/960 R 699.00 Truworths
Green and Gold Ring 6243/911 R 110.00 Truworths
Circle Dangle Earrings 5483/629 R 85.00 Truworths
Brown String Bangles 057/8588 R 170.00 YDE

Zaretha Duvenage Black Coated Leggings-016.2556.M.R550.00. YDE Black Mesh Bodysuit with Gold Chain-255.2219.M.R460.00. YDE Stretch Milatary Jacket-4905.99. R 799.00.Truworths 2 Gold Fringe Necklaces-057.1976.A.R320.00. YDE

Zaretha Duvenage
Black Coated Leggings 016.2556 R 550.00 YDE
Black Mesh Bodysuit with Gold Chain 255/2219 R 460.00 YDE
Stretch Military Jacket 4905/99 R 799.00 Truworths
Gold Fringe Necklaces 057/1976 R 320.00 YDE 

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