03 November

Sports Luxe Street Style

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The Sports Luxe Trend for guys continues in to summer so let’s take a look at what this trend has to offer.

It’s more than just your sportswear mixed with tracksuit bottoms. In fact, it’s specifically styled sportswear inspired pieces with comfort in mind. Relaxed pieces are dressed up for an upstyled feel where the freedom of the sportsfield meets the luxury of the catwalk. Sportswear is evolving while still maintaining functionality to transform in to a look that guys can’t help but love to wear.

The t-shirt is the Sports Luxe staple piece along with trainers that complete the look. Luxurious fabric inserts and interesting fabric combinations put the luxe in to sport and the cool in to the trend.

Let’s take a look at some street style inspiration for this look below.







*Images courtesy Pinterest

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