20 April


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Noleen Olivier Brown Lace Sheer Slit Dress- 256.2178.M R725.00 Brown Suede High Waist Shorts-256.2487.M.R625.00 YDE Teal Lace Strappy Crop Top-064.2083.M.R550.00 YDE Thin Turquoise Beaded Bracelet-057.1887.A.R180.00 YDE Turquoise Slinky Beaded Bracelet-057.8818.A.R69.00.YDE Turquoise , Gold and Gemstone Bracelet-057.8586.A R110.00.YDE Turquoise Layered Necklace-057.2460.A R220.00.YDE Brown Pointed Lace-up Boot Heels-119.2162.5 R799.00.YDE YDE

Noleen Olivier
Brown Lace Sheer Slit Dress  256/2178 R 725.00 YDE
Brown Suede High Waist Shorts 256/2487 R 625.00 YDE
Teal Lace Strappy Crop Top 064/2083 R 550.00 YDE
Thin Turquoise Beaded Bracelet 057/1887 R 180.00 YDE
Turquoise Slinky Beaded Bracelet 057/8818 R 69.00 YDE
Turquoise, Gold and Gemstone Bracelet 057/8586 R 110.00 YDE
Turquoise Layered Necklace 057/2460 R 220.00 YDE
Brown Pointed Lace-up Boot Heels 119/2162 R 799.00 YDE

Xanilee Hammond Grey and Black Jersey Boots-5082.278.R775.00. Truworths Tulle Tutu Skirt-073.2160.L.R460.00.YDE Gold Triangle Earrings-046.9156.A.R160.00.YDE Gold Mesh Bunch-057.1669.A .R130.00.YDE Assorted Gold Rings-046.1942.A.R 140.00.YDE Large Gold Chain-057.1795.A R180.00.YDE Gold Link Bangle-057.7921.A R79.00.YDE Gold Block Chal-057.1858.A.R240.00-YDE Black Chord Charm-057.9677.A-R190.00-YDE Black Mesh Detail Dress-255.2268.L.R725.00-YDE

Xanilee Hammond
Grey and Black Jersey Boots 5082/278 R 775.00 Truworths
Tulle Tutu Skirt 073/2160 R 460.00 YDE
Gold Triangle Earrings 046/9156 R 160.00 YDE
Gold Mesh Bunch 057/1669 R 130.00 YDE
Assorted Gold Rings 046/1942 R 140.00 YDE
Large Gold Chain 057/1795 R 180.00 YDE
Gold Link Bangle 057/7921 R 79.00YDE
Black Chord Charm 057/9677 R 190.00 YDE
Black Mesh Detail Dress 255/2268 R 725.00 YDE

Lana Crowster Black Chiffon Bodysuit-303.2002.L.R399.00.YDE Maroon Palazzo Pants-253.2077.XL.R399.00. YDE Hoop Earrings-5450.025.R65.00. Truworths Black Long Tas-0057.1983.A.R220.00 .YDE Purple Trpical Print Wedges-17.1010.6.R650.00.YDE

Lana Crowster
Black Chiffon Bodysuit 303/2002 R 399.00 YDE
Maroon Palazzo Pants 253/2077 R 399.00 YDE
Hoop Earrings 5450/025 R 65.00 Truworths
Black Long Tassel 057/1983 R 220.00 YDE
Purple Tropical Print Wedges 17/1010 R 650.00 YDE

Thembeka Mnguni Black Lace Bodysuit-2996.935.R399.00. Truworths Drop Crystal Earrings-046.9820.A.R190.00.YDE Black and Gold Woven Necklace-057.1789.A. R350.00.YDE Dangley Gold Chain-301.1127.A R160.00.YDE Black and Gold Dangley Chain-301.2027.A. R250.00.YDE Black Pointed Lace Up Heel-3892.235. R499.00.Truworths

Thembeka Mnguni
Black Lace Bodysuit 2996/935 R 399.00 Truworths
Drop Crystal Earrings 046/9820 R 190.00 YDE
Black and Gold Woven Necklace 057/1789 R 350.00 YDE
Gold Chain 301/1127 R 160.00 YDE
Black and Gold Chain 301/2027 R 250.00 YDE
Black Pointed Lace Up Heel 3892/235 R 499.00 Truworths

Zoe Modiga Mustard Long Sleeve Gown-064.2353.S.R899.00.YDE(Phenomena) 3 x Gold Bar Choker.046.3809.A. R360.00.YDE Gold Pendant Choker-046.2635.A.R320.00.YDE Gold Rings-046.9413.A.R120.00.YDE Oversized Gold Square Stud Earrings-621.273.R55.00. Truworths Tan Heels With Plastic Detail-119.2207.6.R599.00.YDE

Zoe Modiga
Mustard Long Sleeve Gown 064/2353 R 899.00 YDE – Phenomena
Gold Bar Choker 046/3809 R 360.00 YDE
Gold Pendant Choker 046/2635 R 320.00 YDE
Gold Rings 046/9413 R 120.00 YDE
Oversized Gold Square Stud Earrings 621/273 R 55.00 Truworths
Tan Heels With Plastic Detail 119/2207 R 599.00 YDE

Nadine Sisam Turquoise Lace Keyhole Gown-064.2380.S. R 1,199.00.YDE Black Crocodile Strappy Platform Heels-326.1004.4 R 799.00.YDE

Nadine Sisam
Turquoise Lace Keyhole Gown 064/2380 R 1,199.00 YDE
Black Crocodile Heels 326/1004 R 799.00 YDE

Busisiwe Mutlaka Mushroom Round Studded Long Sleeve Dress-Head Office Gold Shell Earrings-8772.971.R65.00. Truworths Gold Strappy Heels-119.2182.4.R699.00.YDE

Busisiwe Mutlaka
Studded Long Sleeve Dress YDE Infiniti 
Gold Shell Earrings 8772/971 R 65.00 Truworths
Gold Strappy Heels 119/2182 R 699.00 YDE

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