16 February

How to wear sequins


If you’re like me then you don’t know why but the flash of sequins and sparkly scales capture your attention but you’re not quite sure how you’ll wear them on a regular day. If you’re not up to looking like a disco ball from the 80’s, don’t worry, there are various ways to wear this head-turning trend.

We’re here to help so check out our top tips for sequins below:

  1. Go formal – it’s the perfect excuse. Formal occasions don’t pop up too frequently so when they do, grab the opportunity to wear sequins from top-to-toe without any reservations. It can be stylish and elegant and a total showstopper.
  2. Mono colour statements – Keep your colour palette clean and simple and in varying tones of one shade. The wildest sequins are tamed with a subtle colour palette in the perfect combination. Even shades of purple take on a more subtle effect when combined with each other.
  3. Embellish with sequins – use sequins as a decorative effect in bright colours and motifs. Even intricate over-the-top designs look beautiful with a decorative addition of sequins. 
  4. Combinations are key – dress them down by combining the sequin sparkle with chunky knitwear or smooth pleather contrasts. 
  5. Just go for it! If you’re up for it, just wear sequins from start to finish and rock the vibe!

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